Faith comes from hearing – but we also have a responsibility to act.

Recently my wife and I felt compelled by the spirit of God to give someone a sum of money. I rang her at work and spoke with her, and she confirmed with me, that she also felt compelled to give this person the exact amount I was.

So we walked in obedience and blessed them. That night we found out that the night before they had prayed for God to provide them with some finances to pay their bill’s, some which had been outstanding for a while. They shared how it had been tight and there was little to go on the table, that our generosity had enabled them to pay their bills and get a few groceries. I knew there wasn’t much left from paying the bills for groceries and that morning I went and slid some money under their door so they could go and buy the groceries they needed.

This post isn’t about me! I don’t want the focus to be on what we did, though I am sharing our obedience to what we felt God was saying to us. Instead I want to focus on how we have a responsibility to act on what we see, if we are able to act on it. The early church was known as a community that helped all who had need.

While its true that time to time God will spur us on to give to someone without us naturally knowing their need – such as previously mentioned. We also have the added responsibility to act on what we see. Act on what we know. Act on what we hear. The words of Jesus ring in my ears. You fed me, you clothed me, you sheltered me and you visited me, whenever you do the same for others in their need.

The lesson is to be the blessing to others that God has called you to be.


About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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3 Responses to Faith comes from hearing – but we also have a responsibility to act.

  1. Drewe says:

    James 2 in Action! Amen. Sometimes we don’t need to pray for what God wants us to do, it is right there before us, we just need to look…..

  2. Drewe says:

    Oh yeah, and we need to pray still (not just look), but sometimes revelation is right in front of our faces…. (pressed post too fast…)

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