We Bought a Zoo

We made a snap decision at 7:45pm tonight to go and see a movie. And so after checking the various cinemas out, we decided on “We Bought a Zoo.”

It was one of the best family movies I have seen this year. Actually its the only movie we have gone out and seen this year. My sons and I discussed some of the implications of a couple of the take home lines, some which I think are fairly profound.

  • Ask “Why?” often.
  • Answer, “Why Not!” more often.
  • Take a chance and be spend at least 20 seconds being courageous.
  • Tell your kids more stories. Stories about yourself, others, them. Share life with people.

I love to ask the question, “Why?” I have made that one simple word, a major part of my vocabulary. I can promise you, that if you include this simple one word question “Why?” in your conversation, you will never be lacking for conversation with anyone.

I find the older I get, the more I find myself starting to say “No!” I was challenged tonight to answer questions more and more with “Why Not!” And this then leads to the the third line about taking a chance and be courageous for at least 20 seconds.

20 seconds isn’t a long time. It’s one third of a minute. There is 3600 seconds in an hour. Which equates to 86400 seconds in a day. Every day we are faced with times where we need to be courageous. It might be to share the love of God through Jesus Christ with someone. It may mean you need to say I am sorry or I love you to someone. Perhaps you want to ask for a job, or a raise. Perhaps you could…….

The final one is to be a story teller. Share life with family and friends. Become good at sharing life and telling your story. By telling your story and telling others their story, you become immersed in life. I love telling stories. It’s a huge part of how I preach. It’s a huge part of how I blog. It’s a huge part of how I engage in life with others. But tell your stories in a way that includes others. Tell it in a way that draws people in to be part of the story. So that they too can experience the life that you are sharing. Jesus was a master story teller. And because he was the best story teller who ever lived, we also need to follow suite and ensure we also are good at telling his story.

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and highly recommend it. It’s one that I will go and see again. Though my wife and I plan to see “War Horse” next. Perhaps it will become part of the DVD collection when it comes out… we will see. 

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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