Pastoral leadership.

Pastoral leadership is all about God and is all about people. The goals of pastoral leadership are the connecting bridges between God and his people. And within this schema the overriding goal of all pastoral leadership must be one that enables and empowers people to connect with God and each other. 

True connection results in transformation. Transformation takes place when the transforming love of the living God is made real in the hearts, minds and bodies of God’s people. Therefore real transformation takes place within the framework of the community of God’s people, in whom the living God breathes life and works through, over and within.

The pastor is a part of this transformation. It’s only as they are transformed that God can truly use them in the transforming process. Transformation brings life. It renews life. It creates life. And therefore the pastor must ensure that they themselves are constantly seeking, walking in and receiving  this source of this life.

Jesus is the source of all life. In him is the source of all creation. In him is the source of all life. And its only in him that true life is found. Abundant life is found. The way of life is found. Within this framework of life, God and people become all about life. They become all about life, because our God is the living God. He created living people. He created a living earth. And therefore the church is all about life, and specifically its all about the life we have in Christ.

Therefore, because the church is all about life, life has to be the overriding goal of all pastoral leadership in whom God has appointed to be part of the transforming life process of the church. For its only in Christ, that the church is and can be truly alive and the true ministry of the church is one of life.

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I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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4 Responses to Pastoral leadership.

  1. tildeb says:

    The church – meaning religious belief in the christian context – is all about anti-life in that it sacrifices living this one fully an authentically to properly prepare for the hypothetical next one.

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