The pastor must avail themselves of God.

Because our God is a nourishing, provisioning and equipping God, the pastor needs to be a source of nourishment, provision and equipping for God’s people. The only way the pastor can do this is if we ourselves are seeking and being nourished, provided for and equipped by our God.

God’s word says that it is sufficient for all life and Godliness and within this framework we find our nourishment. Yet this sufficiency is not meant to be found in the words themselves. Rather the sufficiency is to be found in the God of whom the words speak. Ultimately  the word of God is Christ. God’s word made flesh. God’s word made alive. Gods word deeper and more real than mere words. And therefore, it is in Christ himself, in whom all sufficiency is found.

It is there, in the God, of whom the word speaks we find provision for all things. We find intimacy. We discover life and abundant life at that. We find hope and joy and we receive his love. We receive redemption and forgiveness.  It’s through experiencing the provision of God we experience his presence, his empowering spirit and his gifts and callings. We receive the ability to do all that God calls upon us to do.

And it is within this provision that we are equipped. Equipping means to train, empower and release. God trains us through the experiences of life. He trains us in the way we should go through his word and through the fellowship of his people. He trains us through the empowering presence of his spirit, who knits us together as his people. He trains us in the way of love. And it is the power of love that empowers us and releases us into his ways and purposes.

Because our God is a God of nourishment, provision and equipping the pastor needs to know they are called to be a facilitator, a shepherd of God’s people. One who is to show forth the truth of God, and in doing so encourage God’s people to know this very truth for themselves.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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