To be a man you need?

Men are simple creatures. Though our lives may be complicated, we are not complicated people. Rather we are simply uncomplicated beings. There are only 3 things that a man really needs in life. Perhaps 4 if he is married.

The three things are a ute / truck, a dog and a shed. The ute is needed to cart himself and his dog around. The ute is used to bring home from the hardware all the things he needs to store in the shed and of course the shed is to store all the things he needs from the hardware. Of course the shed also stores the camping, fishing and hunting gear in which the man needs when he jumps in his ute when going on a much needed trip away. It stores his tools and essentials of life. It is a treasure trove of treasures old and new. Hidden on a shelf or in a corner is one or two items that were intended to be fixed many seasons before.

The dog is needed to guard both the shed and the ute. The dog loves to stand tall in the back, its nose in the wind, when in transit. The dog also is the mans trusty companion. It is a faithful companion. One who won’t gossip about their travel and life experiences. The dog wont nag or complain. And will sit faithfully quiet at the mans feet as he ponders life.

It also goes without saying that the dog, ute and shed is an important and essential part of the married mans life. For when the man and his dog decides to come home from one of his spontaneous trips: he could find himself in the dog house. And then the shed becomes the place of shelter, peace and warmth as he shares life with the dog.

The ute, shed and dog are all simple symbols of an uncomplicated life. They symbolise peace, purpose and ability. They provide a framework for mateship. They provide endless discussion points and stories of life where men gather around to talk about the simple things in life.

In the beginning of this post, I also mentioned that if the man was married there was a 4th essential item for the man. And that is the garden. Once he is married the man is restricted and limited in his hunting / fishing trips. To counteract this, the garden is essential. And a real man’s garden has to be a vegetable garden. From it he can proudly bring into the home the fresh produce from the back yard. And of course he needs the shed to store the tools and fertilizer. He needs the ute to bring home the manures, mulch, seed and tools which are needed for the garden. And he needs the dog to protect the garden from the predators of all descriptions (both two legged, winged and furry) who want to rob the garden of its glory.

As I said before, us guys are truly uncomplicated people. We don’t need much in life. Just those 3 or 4 essentials will keep us happy.

Anyway I got to go. I’m thinking of building a chicken pen in the corner. Have to paint one of the bedrooms. Wash the ute. Mow the lawns. Trim the hedge. Weed the garden. Wash the dog. Pick up the dog poo. Take my wife out shopping. Take the kids to sport. Take a load to the tip. Visit the in laws. Get some materials from the hardware to fix the dog kennel. Have to finish moving that load of soil from the front to the back. And oh yes, that’s right! Whose idea was it to do that paving job. Not only that a mate has asked me to come around and help him put up his shed and on the way there wants me to drop into the hardware for him and my sister wants me to pick up a fridge from the shop for her.

Btw..I have had second thoughts about what a real man needs. I have a ute, shed and dog for sale. Any takers? I think I will get a boat instead. Smile

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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