From the book store: Leadership and Prayer.

I was given a Koorong gift voucher for Christmas and seeing as Koorong has a 20% of sale this week, the timing was perfect to go for a visit. I came home with three books. Two on leadership and the other on prayer.

I am a fan of the 5 language series of books by Gary Chapman. And one of the books on leadership is by him called “The 5 languages of Appreciation in the Workplace.” The other leadership book I purchased is by John Maxwell – “Everyone Communicates – Few Connect” The last book is by Wendell C. Hawley and is called A Pastor Prays For His People. You can also access a free PDF copy of this book from Tyndale here.

I am particularly excited about the book on prayer. I love reading the prayers of others. I find it powerfully exciting to pray through the prayers of those who have gone before me. I find it powerfully encouraging when someone writes me a note which not only tells me they are praying, but also tells me what it is they are praying for me. I find that I often go back to those prayers and read them many times over.

The Apostle Paul was such a man. He would tell people he was praying for them and then tell them what it was he was praying. It’s something that I also put into practice when ever I can. And within the framework of leadership we need men and women who will pray. While on the topic of prayer, here is an extract from page 3.

We praise you for a faith that teaches us to pray.
Not endless repetitions,
not mindless mantras,
not magical incantations,
not with ringing of bells and clapping of hands,
not in a catatonic stupor.
Rather, as a redeemed soul in fellowship with the Redeemer.
So, like the disciples, we say, Lord, teach us to pray.

I think I am going to enjoy this book!

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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