Digesting Romans.

I am working my way through the book of Romans and it’s taken me 7 days to get to the end of chapter 2. I have a simple method of degustation. I have an A size note book in which on the page on the left I write out the scripture and on the right page I write my notes and prayer.

In my copying of Scripture I don’t write down the verse numbers or the verse headings. Rather I make a heading on the top of the page which tells me the passages I’m copying. Here’s the break down of my study and some scratch notes.

  1. 1:1-7 The Gospel isn’t new, it was promised to the prophets a long time ago. Christ is fully human and full God. Paul was appointed by God to be an Apostle.

2. 1:8-17 True faith is always in Christ. Live a life of thankfulness. There are seasons where God opens the door for ministry. Imparting spiritual strength through mutual encouragement. Be intentional in our relationships. Paul is obligated to both Greeks and Non Greeks – his Apostleship is to all.

3. 1:18-25 The wrath of God is being revealed against all who supress the truth of their wickedness. God’s qualities are clearly seen through his creation. Idolatry always reflects the creation and not the creator. God turns away from our sin…yet the reality is that its we who have turned away from God when we sin.

4. 1: 26-2:1 We have no excuse to judge anyone. It seems Paul is being subversive in his use of the word “Greek’. It’s the only place in Romans where he uses it, elsewhere its always Gentiles. Is he using it to describe that he is obligated to those who once were conquerors but are now the conquered? 

5. 2:2-11 God’s kindness leads to repentance. Our riches in God are his kindness, tolerance and patience. We are to be persistent in doing good. It’s through our persistence in doing good that we seek God’s honour. We are to be doers of the word and not just hearers of the word.

6 2:12-24 It’s the doers of the word who show they are right with God. Do I practice what I preach. Do you practice what you preach. Do we practice what we preach. Does society turn away from God because of my actions. Does society turn away from God because of your actions. Does society turn away from God because of our actions?  God empowers us for 3 reasons. 1) Because of his glory. 2) Because he wants us to glorify him. 3.) Because he wants others to glorify him.

7. 2:25-29. Just because we have the Bible and a church doesn’t make us Christians. Non believers can be more Christian in lifestyle than what Christians can be. We need God’s spirit to circumcise our hearts. Physical circumcism was only for males. God’s spirit is for all people and he promises to circumcise the hearts of men / women, slave / free, Jew / Gentile. 

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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