Round and about.

 Dr Claude Marionttini has moved his blog to another site…I have been reading his blog since I discovered an OT post that was significant to an assignment I was doing at the time. Through following his blog roll, I found an excellent post on the gifting of the preacher at Bible X.
On the topic of preaching Peter Mead, authors a specific blog to do with preaching. Go and have a look at his latest post on What would help within the framework of helping preachers preach better.

Mark Stevens has written an excellent encouragement in regards to his painful journey into pastoral formation. Any form of refining fire is never pleasant at the time. Andy Bowdon is back blogging, his sister is in need of prayer. We pray for your sister Rebecca in this time of need.

Pastor Robert who is a retired Pentecostal pastor says:

Our salvation doesn’t depend on how we feel, it depends on what Jesus did and whether we have accepted that. Our works and good deeds, as good as they are, does not contribute one iota to our salvation. Faith and belief in what he has done, are the works that are required. John.6:28-29.

I would like to see him join the ranks of word press. Continuing on the theme of refining fire, I would like to note that he has been extremely encouraging to me in coming through the tail end of my own painful walk and continuing a increased walk of faith.

Tim Gombis from Faith Improvised has written an article on Christians speaking wisely in public. In his conclusion he says –

We might consider the virtues of deference, the activity of listening, and the power of a timely and well-chosen word.

Some wisdom for us to consider putting into action during the Holiday season.

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I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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