Doers of Justice.

Micah 6:8 is my favourite Old Testament verse. Basically it says that we are to be

  1. Doers of Justice.
  2. Lover’s of Kindness / Mercy
  3. Walk Humbly with our God.

And  this frame work I believe is the basic message of the Old Testament. To be a doer of justice means that we need to also stand against injustice. To be a lover of kindness means that we need to stand against harshness and unkindness. And to walk humbly with God means we need to walk with a spirit of humility knowing he is working through, in and over us.

While fighting injustice can be extremely tiring at times – we really have no choice but to stand firm.  And in this regard, I would like to finish with a quote from Edmund Burke who said,

“It is not enough in a situation of trust in the commonwealth, that a man means well to his country; it is not enough that in his single person he never did an evil act, but always voted according to his conscience, and even harangued against every design which he apprehended to be prejudicial to the interests of his country. This innoxious and ineffectual character, that seems formed upon a plan of apology and disculpation, falls miserably short of the mark of public duty. That duty demands and requires that what is right should not only be made known, but made prevalent; that what is evil should not only be detected, but defeated. When the public man omits to put himself in a situation of doing his duty with effect it is an omission that frustrates the purposes of his trust almost as much as if he had formally betrayed it. It is surely no very rational account of a man’s life, that he has always acted right but has taken special care to act in such a manner that his endeavours could not possibly be productive of any consequence.”

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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