A day among days.

Our church held a Creating Safe Spaces workshop today. Which is something that every one within the Baptist church here in NSW are encouraged to attend. And indeed its compulsory for every one who has any formal ministry connection within the church. The day got us all to think about ministry and how we actually care for one another and create a safe environment for all concerned.

In talking about a safe environment, my day started of with a bang and a crash. At 7:15am, we heard an almighty screech and crash out the front. Hurriedly I got out of bed and looked out the window, to see a man had crashed his motor bike right out the front. I raced out side to check on him. He was in some shock, had a broken wrist, the bones protruding. I said, I will be back in 20 seconds. I got a towel from inside and asked my wife to ring the ambulance. And then came out and administered basic first aid, by creating a sling with the towel.

He was laid on his back and I rested his arm on his chest. The main reason for the sling was to lightly cover his wrist (So he couldn’t see it) and give him a sense of being helped. There was no need to do more, as the ambulance was only a few minutes away and he was not moving.

I was worried that he could have suffered some form of concussion, neck / head injury. This was compounded  as he had taken his helmet off before I got to him. So I continued to talk to him. Asking his name, what he did for work, how long he had been riding, his wife’s name and many other inane questions. I did this to keep him awake and to keep him calm.

The ambulance quickly arrived and I stepped back allowing them to do their job. I also found out he lived only a few doors up the road from us, and we joked about how it would have been nicer to meet under different circumstances. His wife came out, worried and distraught. And I was able to quietly minister to her, keeping her calm and grounded.

As the paramedics continued to stabilise him, I was able to ask his wife if she had to notify any family. If she was going to follow the ambulance or ride with them and if so how would she get back. I further more asked her if she had locked her house and had some money with her to spend at the hospital for a cup of tea, coffee and food as she could be there for a while.

It was ironic that the workshop I attended today was on creating safe places. As that is what I did this morning. I helped to create a safe place for those in need. Christ also has created a safe place for us. In him we can find rest. We can find peace. We can find hope. We can find love. We can find purpose. And we can find faithfulness. For he promises never to leave us, nor forsake us.


About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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