Who do you think you are?

My wife and I have been doing a 7 week marriage enrichment course and last night we we continued with the theme of “Who am I.” Within this context, last night we reflected on the issues of personal identity and broke our it down into the following areas.

  • False Self.
  • The real self.
  • Revealed selves.
  • The true self.

Each night comprises of a time of personal reflection, confession, affirmation and prayer, which can be personally confronting, encouraging and healing. During the time of prayer, we gathered around a cross, where we reflected, confessed and prayed for healing in our brokenness and the strengthening of our identity as individuals and as couples.

It’s challenging being a parent. There are challenges in being a spouse. There is no doubt that our children can cause us heart ache, stress and concern. And there is no doubt that they can also cause us joy, pride and a sense of accomplishment. And the same can be said of our spouses. Part of our challenge as parents is to build a sense of right identity within our children. Build them up to be who they really are. And indeed within this sense of building up: its an integral role of being a spouse, a friend and a committed member of society to continue in the building  each other up into who we really are.

Last night during the prayer session, the term “Who do you think you are?” came to mind. It was an echo of past words spoken, that were coming up out of my subconscious / spirit  from my child hood. The words were spoken to me within the framework of frustration and belittlement. I confessed that those words had come to mind and asked for prayer to heal the memories, the wounding and the negative effects they had had caused me in regards to my identity as a child, as a son and as an individual and as a man.

Scripture calls for us to be quick to listen and slow to speak…which I acknowledge is often easier said then done. Many things can be said in the heat of the moment, words that can have lifelong consequences. Some words have good consequences and others have bad and its for this reason we are encouraged to encourage each other.

My encouragement to you today is to reflect about your own identity, what words have been spoken over your life that have had a negative or positive influence on you. Think about the things you say and the ways in which they also affect others and your motivations for doing so. I thank God that in Christ we are granted a new identity. The old has passed away and we become renewed in our minds on a continual journey of faith, self discovery and healing. And within this framework of identity, we can relax and be truly how we are meant to be and likewise build up the identity of those around us.


About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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