Getting strung out–so strung up!

Its spring time here in Sydney NSW. The plants are flowering, the potatoes are a few weeks away from flowering and the pot plants need re-potting. We possibly have around 100 pot plants of various types and sizes placed around the back yard..not to mention the vege and flower gardens.

But we have been having problems with some varmit’s knocking over and treading over our plants. These varmits are the two legged variety who enjoy jumping the side fence to fetch their ball when ever its kicked too hard from the park next door. Now normally the kids will knock on the door and ask if we could kick it back for them…but when we are not home….well its only natural that they want the ball….and so……..

In some ways it doesn’t faze me, after all its only a ball. Yet in many other ways its disturbing that our privacy is disturbed and our privacy is not considered a sacred place. We have also noticed a different set of teens who use the park, and sit along our fence drinking and smoking.  Now that in its self is no big deal…but my wife and I have been feeling a little uneasy about those who have been hanging around….

So today was spent stringing up some barb wire along the top of the fence. Not only did I string the barb wire about 6 inches above the top of the fence, I used some electric fence posts to hold the wire up…I’m so tempted to attach the electric fence pulsar unit  to it…Smile Smile Winking smile


About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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