Saving Face or Faith?

I believe the time has come for the church and its members to do a lot of deep soul searching into the realm of ‘Face’ or ‘Faith.’ Face portrays to the world that all is well in my world.. Faith on the other hand will say – Not all is well in my world.

Face is the great pretender. Its a mask of pretence that says all is well. Face is the mask of pretence that causes others to say all is well; denying the truth that all is not well. Faith however declares that not all is well. That there are problems. There is sin. There is brokenness and it declares that help is needed. 

The problem with Face is that it forces a person or an organisation to live a lie. It’s a form of gangrenous rot; a rot that works its insidious way from within – destroying ones inner being and soul. It takes energy, draining energy, sapping the remanet of all true life from within; creating a shell that has no real substance or sustenance. And Face denies there is need for help.

Faith however declares the truth of the matter. Faith boldly declares the lies. It boldly declares that there is problems. Faith boldly declares there is need for help. It is faith that cry’s out to the Lord for help. It’s faith that brings about true healing within community; while face will eventually destroy it.  

I ask you today; are you exercising Face or Faith?

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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6 Responses to Saving Face or Faith?

  1. Hi Craig.

    Do I live by face or faith?

    Well, I am face at work. I like to have a work self and a non-work self. I like to keep people at arms length at work and not to share too much about my abnormal life. It has never worked for me to share who I really am and what’s really going on at work.

    Other than work, i am a “faith person”. I think i am quite real about things like mental illness, sin, love, forgiveness, disappointment, doubt, confusion, all of the real stuff life is made up of.

    Sarah of the Collage

    • Craig Benno says:

      Hi Sarah.
      That was a quick reply. Are you still overseas? I think that one can live a life of face or faith at work in the framework of how they do their work. I think its acceptable within the working environment to keep your personal life personal…and even wisdom might dictate it… Yet face within the work place would be to cover up ones mistakes and try and pretend they are better in their job then they are. Whereas faith would cause one to be honest at work about the work and their performance.

  2. Hello! Yes, we are in Italy at the moment.

    Interesting comment… I had a situation recently where I had a pay review. I still think the way my boss went about it was wrong, he should have spoken to me if he wasn’t happy. And a conversation was had about me, i know that for a fact… but i won’t get into it all on the internet.

    I guess i can only be responsible for what is in my heart, and i think that at work, i strive and i want to do well, and i think i have a good attitude, but sometimes it all means more to me than it should. I was upset by my review but since then i realised i give my work too much power, like i give them the power to make me upset or affect how i feel about myself and my value.

    I think i also tend to beat myself up when i make mistakes at work, and sometimes i can come across as defensive with mistakes and stuff if i am not having a good day, but since that situation happened, i have just started letting go more, just accepting that i am not performing perfectly and just accepting that people think things about me that i might not like, that may or may not be true. I also don’t go out of my way to prove a particular mistake wasn’t mine (even though it wasn’t), and the ones that are, i just accept that i made them and let it be.

    I still have a good work ethic, but this time it’s because this is the kind of person i want to be at work, not because i want them to think something of me.

  3. But, it is interesting how people can confuse faith with face. This is my opinion.. how some people say “i’m not sick in Jesus name, i am healed by the blood”. It’s one thing to proclaim healing for your life and another to live in denial. I have a friend who seems to show faith, but at times it seems more like fear to me. We caught up after a few years of not seeing eachother, and i was filling her in a bit. I said i had a rough time with my mental health but that i am finally coming out of it now. She started saying i’m not mentally ill in Jesus name etc and it didn’t help. She was telling me i shouldn’t give it a name, or use the name the doctors use. But to me, it what does it matter what it’s called when God’s name is above all names? And what good does it do to pretend someone isn’t unwell when they are? It’s only in acknowledging the truth that i can seek help. It’s the sick who need the Doctor. Sorry, i’m probably off track now…

  4. Great post, Craig!! And so true. Christian culture puts unwritten expectations on people that really are soul-destroying. There’s this idea that if you are a “Good Christian” your family will be happy and well adjusted, you’ll have prosperous finances, and the world will really be able to see in you how “we Christians have it all together”.

    How completely opposite to the real teachings of Jesus!! What was it he said about ‘blessed are the poor…”??

    There’s a little grain of truth in that doctrine that says “All is well in Jesus’ name” – because He really is able to enter into our brokenness with us and bring about something eternal, beautiful and living. So no matter how broken we are, faith assures us that we are not too broken for God. However, as Sarah mentioned, when we pretend we are not broken, that “all is well” we are really living out of fear. Fear that we aren’t saying the right words, living the right way, or giving off the right impression. How did it all become about “us” and what we do right or wrong?? The whole message of the Gospel is that God smashed the barriers and brought himself to US, broken and messed up as we are. THAT is Good News!!

    • Craig Benno says:

      Hi Kerry. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I love what you said – particularly your conclusion…The whole message of the Gospel is that God smashed the barriers and brought himself to US, broken and messed up as we are. THAT is Good News!!

      Jesus went out into the midst of brokenness and said…come to me all who are heavily yoke is burden is light….

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