Personal identity and the church.

On the 3rd of August 2010 I wrote a post here about my intention to do a series of posts about identity and the church.  I had been writing a fair bit about personal identity at that point in time, the hardest being was to write about Masculine Identity and my personal journey in that area.

It was always in the back of my mind that I had never continued that series. It’s like it was left there in limbo. I knew I had said it, and I knew I should continue the series; but I also knew I didn’t have the tools available to write more within that framework. And so it was left on the back burner. My concluding paragraph

This list is not exhaustive. Some of my future posts may cover two or more of these topics, where others may take two or more posts to cover the subject. I may also discover that there are more topics to cover, which I will try to do so.

I’m intending to write more about this subject once again. One of the subjects I have taken this semester is called “Sociology of Christian Community and the Church.” I’m finding its an exciting subject and that many things are starting to gel with me again as to why and how things happen to shape our lives and the lives of those around us. Its giving me the tools I need to once again engage on a deeper basis about identity and in particular Christian identity. Our first assignment is to present a paper to class about our personal identity. Within that talk we need to identify the social factors that shape our identity and so I did some preliminary research on the day I was born and found the following.

  • 5 days before I was born, the last execution took place in Australia.
  • The day before I was born – the event which is known as Black Tuesday Bush fires in Tasmania, where 62 died, 900 injured and 7000 homeless took place.
  • The day I was born Gough Whitlam became the Federal leader of the Australian Labour party.
  • 6 days after I was born Aretha Franklin records “Respect”
  • In the month I was born – Macquarie university took in their first students.
  • The 1st of July saw the introduction of the post code system in Australia.
  • The 1st of October saw the establishment of the NSW national parks and wildlife.
  • 20th October Australian Government unlinks the dollar from the British pound.
  • 2nd December  the first ever human heart transplant took place.
  • 17th December Harold Holt drowns / disappears.

There were many other interesting events that took place in the year and surrounding years I was born. Australia become involved in the Vietnam war in 1962. In march 1967 Stalin’s daughter defects to the USA. In May Elvis got married. 8th June was the start of the 8 day war. 4th of July  the British parliament decriminalise homosexuality. 24th August saw the design of the Liberian flag. 22nd Sept Cunard ocean liner Queen Mary leaves New York on its final Atlantic crossing. 9th October Che Guevara was executed in Bolivia and on the 5th of November the US launches a satellite which takes the first pictures of the full earth.

A lot happened in the year I was born. Old institutions were dismantled. New ones instituted. Many of the things I / we take for granted were being implemented in those times. I’m thinking of Bob Carr who was the NSW state premier who declared another 100 new national parks in 1999. This was 32 year after the National Parks and Wildlife Sevices started. For many people – the beginning of the NPWS was a controversial issue. They saw it as a restriction of freedoms…and this had an impact on the shaping of my life in early years… whereas someone born in the 80’s and even 90’s it wasn’t such a controversial issue – rather it was an established status quo.

I look forward to engaging with this subject of identity and sociology and how this applies to the Christian faith and community.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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