Been here and there during the week.

Its been an interesting, tiring and satisfying week this week. We celebrated a friends birthday on Sunday, one which is claimed is the beginning of a perpetual 49th. Smile It was celebrated at a Bowling club where 4 teams were formed for a few games of lawn bowls…and it was agreed that we should start up a church lawn bowls team. This was followed with attending the night service, which had a difference. Sunday Tonight had a segment starring one of our church members, and so we had our sermon and then gathered to watch the segment.  Martha and her husband Andrew are fantastic encouragers and it was so good to gather around them on the night, praying and supporting them.

Monday was date day with my wife which I wrote a bit about here.

Tuesday we spent some time in Sydney with Hope Street, ministering to the broken within an urban environment. Jo is starting a Cert 1v in Chaplaincy this Thursday and is intending to do many of her intern hours with this ministry. Of course her husband may have to accompany her when time allows….she isn’t allowed to have all the fun. Smile While the ministry there is tiring, it is also incredibly rewarding and we both recognise how much it makes us come alive.

Today Wednesday was back at college for Sociology within  Christian Community. I’m really enjoying this subject and learning about what shapes our individual and societies identity. It’s the first class I have done on this subject and while it is a little daunting its worthwhile. In a few weeks time the class will begin presentations on personal identity, recognising the factors which have shaped our identity.

After class I met someone for lunch whom I met on Facebook. We quickly realised we had met before many years ago, had similar views and experiences and knew many of the same people… I look forward to meeting up with Mark more in the future… I find its interesting that I have met two people from the internet over the last 2 months, both named Mark. Both times were enjoyable and both are good blokes.

I took my camera with me for the lunch and on the way back ambled about taking a few pictures of the public gardens. 025026

While there I started speaking to a couple of guys who had a small stand and giving away some Christian books. They come here every Wednesday and engage with people in the park with the gospel. It was a real rewarding time and we finished with a time of prayer asking the Lord to encourage them and cause them to be fruitful and effective in sharing the Gospel. I’m thinking that time to time I will join them Wednesday after college.

Not all has been good though. Jo and I woke up wasted this morning and each were battling hayfever and a cold during the day. it could be some spiritual backlash from our ministry yesterday as well as the change in the weather. We are both shattered and cancelled the marriage enrichment course that we would normally go to on Weds night.

Tomorrow – Thursday Back to college for the Pentateuch. I have really enjoyed my studies in the OT. I have done the Wisdom Books and Minor Prophets and think the Pentateuch is a perfect follow up. It’s a pity that I don’t have room in the degree to do Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Judges, Nehemiah,Ruth, Kings and Chronicles and Jeremiah…for there is only 4 subjects left to go and I need to fit in another Theology and Ethics subject plus a couple of NT subjects would help finish well. Winking smile

Though there will be time for these other subjects in future studies.

Somewhere during the week I need to prepare a sermon for the Colossians series for Sunday night and as well pick up the boys for the weekend. All in all an extremely satisfying week I would say.

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I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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