Globo Christ:


GloboChrist, Carl Raschke, 978-0-8010-3261-5

I picked up this book this afternoon from Koorong and have had trouble putting it down. It’s an interesting read about Postmodernism, Globalisation and Religion – from a Christian frame work.

The author Carl Raschke has written a tremendous book, engaging with history, philosophy and sociology to deconstruct and explain the global society in which we live and how the modern church can engage, contextualise and continue the missional thrust of the church fearlessly within our postmodern environment without without watering down the actual message.

It’s a book that I have had trouble putting down, for the author has been able to explain complex history and global issues and how the church can deeply engage with society on a local and global level.

My mind is filled with ideas, many abstract and many more concrete as to how we can engage and be the church within, to and for our society; without changing the core of the message, though the way we deliver the message can and needs be flexible.  For the Gospel message – God becomes man for us, is an incarnational act and it is an incarnational message and within the framework of being incarnational, our becoming incarnational messengers within society and globally is of utmost importance, for in becoming – we follow Christ’s example of him becoming.

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