I’m back at college–yahoo!

I’m back. What a long semester break. Though to be fair I did decide not to take on a mid semester subject. This semester has started later than normal, due to the college moving into new premises…which I must say, looks pretty spiffy.

I have taken on two subjects this semester, being The Sociology of Christian Community and Practice and The Pentateuch.

Part of the assignment work for the Sociology class is to do a research paper on a church with over 200 people in attendance. So if you pastor such a church and would be willing to allow a student to do a research paper on your church – within a sociological sphere of research; please let me know.

Today was the first class and though I am a little daunted by the subject and field, for I have never formally studied or read much on sociology. Though I was extremely chuffed to see that its an area that I seem to naturally flow in regards to much of my writing. I also know it will be of tremendous value and I’m already thinking of how to use its methodology within the scope of Biblical exegesis.

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I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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