The framework of pastoring is that of “Empowering Acknowledgement.

I have been having an interesting discussion on a friends Face Book account about pastoring and leadership within the church – more so within the framework of the Pentecostal church. In one of my comments I said that I saw the role or framework of the pastoring to be within the tension of “Empowering Acknowledgement.”

By this I mean that a pastor needs to totally acknowledge the people whom they are ministering to and acknowledge the pains, struggles, doubts and fears as well as victories and successes. Within a current and historical position. Not only does the pastor need to acknowledge where others are at – they need to acknowledge where they have been and are at.

Within this tension of acknowledgement, true empowerment can take place. We acknowledge what Christ has done for us. We can acknowledge what Christ is doing in the life of many. And we can empower ourselves and others into the plans and purposes of God for both now and into the future.

Yet the hope for the future is always within the tension of acknowledging the now and not ignoring the now or ignoring the past – rather the tension is in allowing the empowering transformation of God to transform us within the now and into the future; within the framework of acknowledging that it is God who promises to be with us now and into the future.

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I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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  1. Helen says:

    Great article… The Shepherd knows His sheep –

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