I’m a man – the multi task challenge.

I have blogged previously on how I enjoy preaching. Recently I wrote about how I prepare a sermon and during the prep stage I allow my self to soak up the word and try and remember it.  The preaching team was asked last month by the church elder who leads the preaching team for the dates we were available. And so the dates for preaching through the rest of Mark was set and given out last week. I’m preaching on Mark 11-1-33 on the 21st of August at the morning service.

I’m also asked to preach time to time at the youth / young adults night service time to time by the youth pastor. Its an experience I value and enjoy. For some reason or rather which I can’t explain in the natural, but have to accept is a God factor – (this aging 45 year old worn out crusty goatee bearded man ) seems to make a connection.

I have a lot of time for the youth / young adults pastors, which is headed up by a young man and his wife. (I also have a lot of time for the whole leadership team of the church and congregation) It’s a real joy to see them stretching, growing and embracing the call of God on their lives. We were talking on Thursday night and he asked me if I would preach every four weeks at the night service, along side with another up and coming theologian who will also preach every 4th week.  It’s good to see that he has developed and is developing a deep ministerial teamwork  mentality.

And so yesterday he sent me the list of preaching dates for the next few months and I have been asked to preach…yes you have guessed it…again on the 21st August, which will be the second of a series through Colossians.

I’m glad that I didn’t slack off thinking I had plenty of time to prepare for the morning service and therefore have already done the bulk of my prep for the morning service. I’m also thinking that I just may have to use notes this time round.  Embarrassed smile 

My other option is to work around changing the dates… but nahhh I think I’m up for a multi task challenge. Btw…lets keep the issue of my attempting to multi task a secret shall we. Winking smile


About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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