Absolute forgiveness–Real or Imagined!

A number of years ago I had a vivid dream. This dream was so vivid and real that I woke up in the morning wondering if it was real. I won’t tell you what that dream was, nor the circumstances surrounding it. What I can say is that it horrified me to my core.

Since then, there have been times I have questioned myself. Felt condemned for it. Sought the Lord over it and at times been rocked to my core by it. Such is and was the nature and vividness of what I did in this dream.

I have come to accept that no matter how real it seemed at the time, it was just a dream…even though a small part of me sometimes thinks otherwise. Sad smile More importantly though – I have come to accept that forgiveness permeates our total being; this means we are forgiven for all of our sins, whether real or imagined.

Sometimes we also need to offer forgiveness for all that has happened to us, whether real or imagined and accept forgiveness for all we have done, whether real or imagined….for true forgiveness permeates it all.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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