Archaic words from the KJV

Martin Shields has written an excellent two part post on “Is a word-for-word translation unbiblical? In the ensuing discussion in how though the authors of the KJV used similar words to what we use today, they have a different meaning. He then linked to Grateful for the Dead.

The author expounds in this excellent post a list of words that have a vastly different meaning to what we understand then to be. Take the word accursed as an example…..accursed devoted, Josh 6:17, 18; 7:1, 11–13, 15; 22:20; 1 Chr 2:7. This one shocked me!


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7 Responses to Archaic words from the KJV

  1. Vern says:

    I just got ran through the wringer for actually suggesting that the KJV is not the ONLY Word of God,,,these ppl were just tearing me up ( but I stood strong) telling me I was lost if I dont trust ONLY the KJV hahaha

    • Craig Benno says:

      There are some who are really passionate about the KJV only debate and have made up and believe all kinds of wild stories…Sorry to hear of your experience with them Vern.

  2. Brian Sleeman says:

    Very interesting – really like his comment on ‘flagon’!. Apparently the (original) word often translated as ‘cursed’ (Job 1:4) means something like ‘salutation’ – so in the case of the Job passage would be translated more like ‘said goodbye’. Sort of goes to the heart of the discussion of was having with one face book acquaintance about the use of such words as ‘church’ – the understanding of the meaning of the word at the time of the translation can have a significant impact on how understand things today.

    Must be a very difficult job for the translators, especially when the language you are translating too has ‘less’ options or more ambiguity in the terms you can use. Not to mention colloquialisms.

    • Craig Benno says:

      The greek word for church really means gathering…and so you could rightly say that the footy fans went to church at the stadium. Of course it has a greater meaning for us as Christians today. I missed the reference to flagon… that really puts a different spin to understanding that passage… While I like reading the TNIV (Books of the Bible – without chapter and verse headings) for my devotionals, I like to read a variety of versions when preparing a sermon or writing a paper. …for that very reason that words have deeper meanings.

      Talking about colloquialisms – have you read any of the Aussie Bible.. its an interesting read.

  3. Brian Sleeman says:

    Sorry – Job 1:5

  4. Brian Sleeman says:

    No I haven’t read any of it – I’ve heard of a guy who goes around the homeless shelters etc. and evangelises in an ‘Aussie’ way. I must say though, the bits I’ve heard have been ‘wrong’ and or crass – I can understand why it works for those that he is reaching out to, but it seems to be giving a poor impression imo.

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