The cohesiveness of Luke and Paul

It seems strange to me when I read or hear comments that create a dichotomy between Luke and Paul. Further more I cringe deeply when I hear of people promoting a Pauline theology over and above other Biblical authors as if that theology is more ‘pure’ than others.

The following passage comes to mind- 1Co 3:4  For when one says, “I follow Paul,” and another, “I follow Apollos,” are you not being merely human? 

Its my contention that if we believe that there is a vast difference of belief, teaching and theological understanding between Luke, Paul and the other authors – we are guilty of reading the Scriptures wrong and we need to re-examine how we read and understand the Scriptures in light of each other.

Both Paul and Luke were travelling and ministry companions. Luke’s theology was shaped by Paul. Paul’s theology was shaped by Luke. The Gospel that  Luke wrote was the same Gospel message that Paul understood. Luke’s writing the book of ACTs was shaped by the life of the early church and his ongoing ministry and life experience with Paul.

Therefore it’s my contention and proposal that to fully understand the Pauline writing’s and therefore Paul…its imperative to read him through the narrative lens of Luke – for its only in doing so that one truly captures the heart beat, passion and grace of Paul and a true unity of thought is found within the Scriptures.

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