The parable of the sculptor.

There once was a sculptor who had a delivery of logs delivered to his workshop. This pile had a selection of knotty and gnarled pieces, some long and slender, others wide and short. Some were strong and others in various states of decay.

He looked over the pile and gently handled each and every one with a tender eye and every piece, he called good, for each and every log in that pile he liked. As he sorted the pile out, he placed some in one pile to season longer. Others he took in side, to protect them from the elements and the rest he placed in a pile to start working on.

He picked one up and started to strip the bark off it and cut the variety of dead wood off it, then picking up his chisels he started to carve. Every step of the way within the carving process he looked at his creation with joy. For he liked what he saw. He liked the material he was working with. And while it would take a while for him to finish the carving process, every step of the way was one of delight for him.

He had liked this log from the beginning and while its true that he saw the finished product of the log when he selected it, there was no part of the transforming process that he never stopped liking that log.

Around his workshop was a huge collection of a variety of creations. There were carvings, sculptures, shelves, cups, chopping boards, boxes, stands, tables and chairs. There were numerous picture frames, fireplace mantels and cabinets…some finished, many others in the process of being finished. He stopped his carving and looked around at this collection and smiled. He knew each and every one intimately. He had great memories for each and every one of them and smiled as he remembered the many hours of sanding, pruning and preparing each and every piece.

Each piece was similar and yet uniquely different. The previous blemishes of the original logs a reflection of creative beauty. Though many others discarded the logs he used as being useless, ugly, weak, and decrepit…he knew otherwise and the handiwork of his love was indeed the very proof in that the loving work of the creator indeed is transformative, no matter the state of the log to begin with.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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