Meeting with God during the Sunrise.

Becky Black has written a tremendous devotional of her experience in hearing God’s voice to come and watch a sunrise with him.  She say’s

As the sky lightened, the clouds gradually turned pink.  The shades of color deepened.  The trees became more distinct.  More birds woke up.  And I could not escape the beauty… the clear, pure beauty… of the scene.

I could see the scene from one standpoint, but God could see it from so many other angles.  And as the sunrise moves around the world, He can move with it.  How wonderful that must be!

Then the thought hit me….He saw the sunrises before Sin entered the world.  Before pollution.  Before crime.  Before screams of pain entered the atmosphere.  He saw the sunrises when they were perfect.

I too am one who likes to meet with our Lord overlooking his creation.

One only has to look at a Sunset or Sunrise to truly know that there is a God! For within the twilight, where heaven and earth meet, we see the radiance and glory of what creation is meant to be and our hearts yearn for deeper relationship

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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