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Microsoft One Note… I wish I knew about it earlier.

I have recently been blessed with a new laptop that runs Windows 7. One of the programs that comes with Microsoft Office is One Note. Now to be fair, my wife’s computer which runs Vista and Microsoft office 2007 also … Continue reading

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Is Job an allegory of the exilic experience.

In listening to an audio recording of Job yesterday – I noted the exilic language that was used. The ending of Job is very similar to that of what is said in Proverbs and Ecclesiastes… “Fear God”We read God rebuking … Continue reading

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I have been building a shed.

I haven’t been posting as much lately. It’s not because I have lost interest; instead it’s because I have been building a small tool shed. When I say small, I mean one that is 2.2 metres wide and approximately 3 … Continue reading

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I just discovered this handy snipping tool on my computer….

I was playing around on my computer this morning and found this handy snipping tool. I just wanted you to know!

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Biblioblogging Carnival with Dr Jim.

This months Biblioblogging Carnival is out – Dr Jim Linville has written the best I have read do far. I even rate a mention regarding a  post I posted on Unsettled Christianity  on faith pessimism and doubt in Ecclesiastes.

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Are we really listening?

The sermon on the mount is recorded in a number of Gospels. In Luke Jesus turns to his disciples and say’s To you who are listening I say! Love your enemies. Do good to those who hate you. Bless those … Continue reading

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Bin Laden: Cain and Able.

I have been saddened by the killing that is going on throughout the world in the name of Jesus, Allah, Hindi, State, etc. I am also saddened by all the rejoicing in the west over the death of Bin Laden. … Continue reading

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