Proverbs scratch notes

Wisdom is personified as a woman who praises herself, links to creation and condemns folly. However folly is also personified within a female persona also and depicted as an adulteress 266

Dumbrell refers to five metaphors of wisdom in 1-9 , Evangelist, tree of life, a way, craftsman, lady wisdom making note that wisdom demands that a decision be made to either heed or ignore her advice. 268

Proverbs 2-3 are the theological chapters in 1-9 … subtly making references to the creation account through strongly linking wisdom as a witness or source of inspiration within the creation story creating strong links to

God. Therefore its natural that the father would advise his son to fear the Lord and seek him / his ways to gain wisdom. Since wisdom is in harmony of creation it provides blessing, protection and confidence. 268-269

William J, Dumbrell. The Faith of Israel: A Theological Survey of the Old Testament. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2002

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