Microsoft One Note… I wish I knew about it earlier.

I have recently been blessed with a new laptop that runs Windows 7. One of the programs that comes with Microsoft Office is One Note. Now to be fair, my wife’s computer which runs Vista and Microsoft office 2007 also has this program installed on it – but because we didn’t know what it was – we never looked at it, yet alone used it.

Because I am a natural sticky beak: I decided to have a closer look at every program on the new computer. And came across this app. Wow – I am impressed. I am not what you would call the most organised type of person. My study habits are not the most disciplined, nor have I been taught how to organise any notes that I take. The result being that I have various notebooks, and papers filed away all over the place – creating a mini disaster zone when it comes to putting them together.

My other practice was to systematically work through an assignment and paste the notes where I thought they would roughly go into a word document. Again, the result meant a time consuming editing process.

However – One Note and I make the disclaimer that in no way am I an agent for Microsoft Sad smile  has made the task of collecting and collating notes very easy. I quickly set up a personal notebook which looks like this.


You can see by the tabs that I have set up a number of tabs, each representing a personal area of interest. A new tab is easily set up by clicking on the star at the right side of the tabs.


You then can rename this tab with what ever label you want to call it. For the purposes of this photo I have titled the tab, “Rename it”


You then can add as many new pages to this tab as you like. By clicking on New Page you create a new page for your area of need. In this photo, I am looking at my college notes. And under the College Title, you can see 3 new pages which are called Wisdom Literature, Proverbs assignment and Job.

Under them you can read two subpages under the Job page. These two subpages belong to the Job subject.


I have created a template for Job 2 – which can be used for note taking on Job.


For the subpage titled “Lectures” I have another template, which I will use next week in class for collating and taking notes on Job.


Back to the College tab. Underneath it you can see a page called Proverbs assignment. And there you can see an example of some of the notes I took for this assignment. Because of the nature of One Note you can scribble your notes on various sections of the page as I have done. Each box containing the notes I have taken from the one author including the citation details.


Personally I regret not knowing about this program / application years ago. I can see many applications for it and already it has helped me greatly in collating my current notes… It’s capabilities are enormous for business meetings and also has this handy audio / video recording device which enables you to record in those formats if needed.

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I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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6 Responses to Microsoft One Note… I wish I knew about it earlier.

  1. Sounds pretty awesome. I’m gonna have to find a copy that’ll run on XP

  2. Yeah, just looked at the official system requirements, 2010 should run on XP SP3. I’m gonna have to update my office software….

  3. Dan says:

    The free version of OneNote is EverNote, and I’m getting hooked on it in the same way.

  4. bowdenblog says:

    thanks for the heads up, I too am learning my way around windows 7. I’m loving Word 2010!

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