I have been building a shed.

I haven’t been posting as much lately. It’s not because I have lost interest; instead it’s because I have been building a small tool shed. When I say small, I mean one that is 2.2 metres wide and approximately 3 metres long.

It’s a custom size for a variety reasons, most of them to do with its moveability when it comes time to move from where we currently are renting. While it would have been easier and quicker to buy a ready made shed and erect it – they don’t make the size I needed. They are either too large or small.

The process has been slow. Because of ongoing health, mobility and co-ordination limitations – it has taken me around six weeks to get this far – though admittedly there was a weeks holiday down the coast during this time. It took me most of the day to make the door and swing it. This is the second door I have made for it…let’s just call the first one a trial door! Winking smile

I have only to add some trim, fascia and paint it and it will be finished. We will be painting it Passion Blue… and we are hoping that the weather will remain dry and warmish to be able to do so – though this may have to go on the back burner for the time being – I have college tomorrow and need to seriously clean my van for valuation purposes.

This afternoon I was able to hang some shelves which enabled me to store some tools, box’s of screws, nails and glue and generally tidy up around the work site. The other day I was able to install the work bench, and was thrilled to see it actually starting to look like a work shed. On packing up this afternoon,  I was ever so glad to be able to lock the door for the first time. This meant that I didn’t have to drag everything back into the house – a process that becomes tiring in its self.

It’s been a long time since I have used my tool’s in any serious endeavour. Bringing them out of storage and using them has been like seeing some long term friends once again. I have small plastic stack of draws that sit on the work bench. In them are an assortment of bits and pieces and while going through it today I was amazed at the knick knacks that were in there. Screws, wall plugs, spark plugs, small nails, router bits among other bits and pieces. I had used the tools about 114 months ago when I built a dog kennel.

Today while making the door, my wife brought out a cuppa and some lunch for me – which I also shared some with the dog. We both laughed about how she was looking a little confused and clingy with me – joking about how I was building another dog kennel and it must have been a big dog we were going to get.

Yes – I have been making a shed. But its not just a shed. It’s a place to create. A place to keep things organised and get them out of the kitchen and bedroom, and in doing will de-clutter the house.  It’s a place to reflect. A place to plan. A place to think as well as a place to space out and its a place where dreams can start to come to fruition.

While I am tired, stiff and sore and know that tomorrow I will be paying a price for today’s effort – its a satisfying pain. For I can truly say – this is the shed that I built.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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