A Royal Wedding – I Care

To be oblivious of an up and coming royal wedding, one would have to be dead, totally isolated from society or such a Narcissistic person that the world only revolves around yourself. I have heard, read and watched people interacting about it and have been amazed at the responses.

Some seem over the top, where we see one fan camped on the sidewalk a few days ago to get the perfect position to be able to see a few glimpses of the bride, groom and guests as they parade through the town and enter in and out of the cathedral.

Others have a less honouring position, making derogative remarks about the whole process. And others are concerned about the amount of money spent, stating that the monies could be put to better use.

While indeed the millions spent could indeed be put to better use; can you imagine the uproar if Will and Kate quietly eloped to a court house, asking a court official to marry them.Unfortunately or perhaps its fortunate that we do have high profile people in our society, which results in societal, cultural and traditional expectations as well as obligations within those spheres to act in certain ways and this does cost money.

No matter what your opinion of the royal family is – one thing remains consistent in that Scripture reminder to honour marriage and to honour each other. The facts are that no one is immune to the power of love and that no matter our position in society we can celebrate the union of two young people, who are coming together in marriage and might we add have added difficulties to work through – that many of us don’t.

I pray that they will continue to love each other over the course of time, growing in the knowledge of each other, growing in love and friendship with each other and grow in the knowledge of the Lord. I pray that the distractions of public office will not hinder their lives together and that they will be able to embrace their God given societal, political, cultural and traditional roles as well as maintain a deep sense of their own  personal identity.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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