Are you up for a challenge?

I made a comment in my previous post about Jesus Christ. I am making the challenge that if you can prove that

1.) Christ didn’t exist
2.) Wasn’t crucified till he was dead
3.) Wasn’t buried as was the custom
4.) Didn’t raise to life again

If you can prove all these things didn’t happen… then you have proven the foundation of my faith wrong – and I will walk away from it. As for me… I have come to the conclusion that it all happened and no one has ever proven it didn’t… are you up to the challenge?

The rules of the challenge are that you can’t throw slogans around like “It is just unreasonable to believe” or “It’s illogical to believe it could happen in the modern context”

The methods used to discredit Christ’s existence has to have the same scientific / historical methodology used which is used to credit of discredit the existence of any other ancient historical figure.


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I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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7 Responses to Are you up for a challenge?

  1. tildeb says:

    If you can prove the sun doesn’t exist then I’ll throw away my belief in Ra.
    If you can prove the Flying Spaghetti Monster doesn’t live on the dark side of the moon then I’ll throw away my belief in His Noodliness.
    If you can prove the universe doesn’t breathe I’ll throw away my belief in Vishnu.
    If you can prove volcanoes don’t exist then I’ll throw away my belief in Muk Muk.
    If you can prove you’re not an embodied Thetan, then I’ll throw away my belief in Scientology.
    If you can prove reindeer don’t exist, I’ll throw away my belief in Santa Claus.
    If you can prove gardens don’t exist, then I’ll throw away my belief in fairies.

    You must use scientifically/historically valid methodology. Are you up for the challenge?

    If you cannot do these things, accomplish this Herculean task on behalf of disproving any silly notion I choose to believe in on a matter of faith (because perhaps it brings me comfort), then you fail and your science/history methodology is revealed to be inadequate for disproving what I merely claim to be true leaving me and any absurd beliefs I may hold fully intact.

    You see? Religious belief is just another way of ‘knowing’!

    • Craig Benno says:

      Come now Tildeb…. My challenge was clearly marked in regards to Christ.
      Your comment has nothing to do with the said challenge.

      Any more comments that don’t deal with the set markers will be deleted as they don’t pertain to the actual context of the challenge…

  2. theGuy says:

    To answer your question, no, I won’t accept your challenge because it’s a fallacy. I don’t need to prove your claim wrong to reject it. You are making claims. I see no reason to accept your extraordinary claims until you demonstrate that are true.

    If you want to accept theses things as true, fine, but then I’d have to ask “why?” If you’re willing to accept the truth of things that have not been proven, why not, then, believe any of the things tildeb mentions? If you believe the resurrection of Jesus has been proven, then please do share.

    • Craig Benno says:

      Guy – I am a Christian who blog’s here about …Christian faith – issues etc.. surprise surprise… 🙂 From time to time – athesists will come along and make some hit and run snide remarks.. other times they are not so snide – but respectful conversations..but all have the intention of disputing my faith – and or my right to have faith…

      My challenge therefore is that you (not just you personally – but atheists collectively )obviously are challenging my faith and belief system as wrong… So I am giving an open challenge to all and sundry as to what my faith is based on – that if you want to convince me I am wrong…do so.. and if you can prove the foundation of my faith is wrong…I will gladly walk away from it.

      • theGuy says:

        For the record, I came across your blog only because you were specifically addressing atheism. I’m not running around to Christian blogs trying to disprove their faith, and I hope you don’t find my comments to be overly snide.

        That being said, I think your standard for belief is far too low in this case and likely inconsistent when compared with other aspects of your life. Requiring proof that your beliefs are fallacious is unreasonable considering you haven’t provided sound reasons for believing it in the first place.

        So far I’ve gathered that your faith is based on the resurrection of Jesus, your belief in which is based on “truth,” and you ask us to prove you wrong. I can’t imagine you would accept this type of reasoning from someone with different beliefs than your own.

      • Craig Benno says:

        Guy…I have not thought you to be snide in your commenting.(I delete or don’t approve those ones) I also appreciate your engagement with what I have said.

        We all believe many things for many reasons. Something’s we believe through cultural and traditional backgrounds. Other things we believe through circumstances of life and yet other things we believe; we believe because someone has challenged our belief system in a way that causes us to have to discard or modify our previous beliefs.

        I rarely address atheism in this blog – in fact – I think this is the first time I have ever done so. However – if I was to comment on your blog or any one else’s regarding their beliefs; I think it would be very reasonable for it to be up to me to show why I thought you/they were wrong.

        I am a Christian…within the Christian faith there are various sub cults who interpret and gain insights from the Scriptures in various ways.. we call them denominations. However my faith is based on Jesus Christ and all that is written about him in the Bible and can be gathered from other historical information. Not only that; my faith is based on experiencing the infilling and work of the Holy Spirit, in the same way that it is written about in the Bible. – Therefore my faith is based on knowledge – both experiential and historical = for what I have personally experienced is also similar to what is recorded in Scripture and through out history as being a common Christian experience.

        So- I am not personally asking you to prove me wrong. Rather – my challenge is to all who want to challenge me and tell me I am wrong – it is up to you to prove why it is I am wrong.

      • tildeb says:

        First of all, you cannot know anything about god. Secondly, you trust your attributions about this unknowable supernatural creative agency and call these The Truth. Thirdly, you argue that your faith provides you with evidence when it doesn’t and, fourthly, you pretend that it is upon this evidence that you ground your beliefs. In other words you start with the answers you pretend to seek, cherry pick whatever you think best informs these beliefs, simply ignore the obvious rational shortcomings in your approach, and then state your faith as if this were something to be proud rather than ashamed of. In any other area of life, such an approach would be laughable, silly, foolish, gullible, and short-lived. Yet in your religious convictions, this approach is satisfactory. The only reason why it is satisfactory is because you need none of it other than your starting position to commit to a faith you have no way of knowing or informing with anything resembling what is true in fact. It’s wishful thinking writ large and it is self-made illusion.

        It’s bad enough that you suffer from this belief and I feel for you. But I get rather frustrated that so many wish to inflict this avoidance of real life on others. And that is what faith really is: an avoidance of living honestly.

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