Who has the vivid imagination–my response to an atheist

This is the response I made to a militant atheist on face book…

2000 years later – the atheists follow their own inspired texts from their own god’s – which purportedly through the inspired texts shoot down any knowledge of God.
I have seen too many majestic sunrises and sunsets, too many majestic gum trees, the beauty and variety of birds and other life to simply dismiss the existence of God and to think this all was a result of an accident that happened out of nothing…
Atheists believe the big bang accidentally happened from nothing, when nothing existed and by nothing….
Where I believe that God existed / exists – created and still creates… and you dare say I have a vivid imagination…..hmmmmmmm

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I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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10 Responses to Who has the vivid imagination–my response to an atheist

  1. tildeb says:

    Your notion of ‘before’ makes no sense in regards to the universe that comes from ‘nothing’. That ‘nothing’ also includes time, you see. So your imagination is vivid if you can somehow presume a ‘before’ when you have ‘nothing’.

    So you stand and marvel at the power of a tsunami to cause such widespread devastation and indiscriminate death and think god is awesome. You see a virus sweep through and infect a population leaving swaths of dead people and marvel at the awesomeness of god. You see a pack of hyenas eat a water buffalo stuck in mud alive and you think to yourself there is god in action and he is awesome. You watch a child waste away and suffer through an incurable cancer and cannot possibly dismiss the existence of a god. Mass extinctions and cataclysmic events surely reveal the scope and power of a loving god.

    What I marvel at is the immense chauvinism and cherry picking required to believe in a benevolent yet powerful creative god with a special interest in a single bipedal species of ape and yet who can allow so much suffering to continue unabated through the ages. I stand in amazement at the remarkable rationalization and astounding imagination that is required to maintain that belief in the face of so much contrary evidence of a cosmic indifference to the suffering of life here on earth.

  2. Craig Benno says:

    Yet Tildeb,
    You forget that the Christian focus on God is within this space and time – with great hope in the knowledge of the recreation of a new heaven and earth.

    Therefore we acknowledge that the earth is falling apart – for it is not immune to sin… “shit” happens… and so while we live here in this body…we look forward to a future.

  3. tildeb says:

    Great hope that requires great imagination and great rationalization. No, Craig, I do not forget.

    By the way, what ‘inspired’ texts from what ‘gods’ do you refer to that atheists supposedly follow?

    • Craig Benno says:

      Tildeb – the post was in reference to a conversation (if you can call it that) that originated on Facebook….

      Our faith is based on Christ alone… if you can prove to me that Christ didn’t exist, didn’t die and raise to life again… I will walk away from my faith.

      • theGuy says:

        So as a militant Christian, your faith is based on something that has not been demonstrated to be true and you will only walk away if it is demonstrated to be false? Why not just have faith in everything then?

      • Craig Benno says:

        Firstly – I don’t know what you mean by a “Militant” Christian… certainly if you have read my blog – you would see I don’t consider myself as such!

        No one has ever demonstrated / proven that my faith in Christ is false. I don’t base my faith on a literal understanding of Genesis – which many do.. my faith is based on the existence of Christ – him dead, buried and raised to life…

        I am making the challenge that if you can prove that

        1.) Christ didn’t exist
        2.) Wasn’t crucified till he was dead
        3.) Wasn’t buried as was the custom
        4.) Didn’t raise to life again

        If you can prove all these things didn’t happen… then you have proven the foundation of my faith wrong – and I will walk away from it. As for me… I have come to the conclusion that it all happened and no one has ever proven it didn’t… are you up to the challenge?

      • theGuy says:

        Well, when you used “militant” atheist I assume you meant something along the lines of “outspoken.” But maybe I was wrong—perhaps your Facebook friend is actually a gun-wielding, violent, atheist.

        You simply sidestep my contention, or perhaps I wasn’t being clear. I said nothing of Genesis. My point is that it doesn’t sense to believe everything that hasn’t been proven false. In fact, there are an infinite number of things that haven’t been proven false that you do not believe. Why choose to believe this thing?

        You say your faith is based on the resurrection of Jesus, but isn’t that part of your faith? What is your faith in the resurrection based on?

      • Craig Benno says:

        Guy…my faith is based on TRUTH!

      • theGuy says:

        Well that’s incredibly unsatisfying. So is everybody else’s who’s faith differs from yours.

      • tildeb says:

        Shouldn’t that read The Truth™?

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