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Week 3 reflections on Proverbs 5-9 & Dell and Murphy’s readings.

One of the striking things that appeared to me in reading chapters 1-9 is how the themes of the 10 Commandments – are all covered within the guidance given within these proverbs as well as the curses of following Wisdom … Continue reading

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I have been accepted by Tyndale Publishing.

Now that I have your attention – no its not to publish an up and coming book… rather its to be a reviewer of their books from time to time. Interestingly they have stopped international posting of physical books to … Continue reading

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Philosophy of ministry.

T.C.R posted an article on his being asked a question at a training day regarding the size of his church. It’s led to an interesting discussion that is worthwhile reading. I commented at the time Ministry is always to the … Continue reading

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Wow – put the word ‘Brothel’ in a title and watch the hits go viral.

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If you’re only interested in marrying for sex – go to a brothel…

I sometimes hear people who are talking about getting married, that the main reason they want to get married is to have sex… (I am talking about marriage within a Christian context) They look at me with shock horror – … Continue reading

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I have been called Barnabas…I kind of like that name.

Recently someone gave me the nick name “Barnabas.” I kind of like that name. Actually I do like it and the name means a lot to me. It means ‘Son of Encouragement’ Shortly after my conversion experience – an older … Continue reading

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There is a story in every name.

I made the following comment to Jeremy who made the observation that the list of names in Chronicles is just a long list of names… We might think of them just as names Jeremy; but to the Jewish people each … Continue reading

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We need to grow bigger.

Dave Black writes an stinging critique of the American church and says that bigger isn’t better, when talking about the enormity of the buildings. Friday, March 18 6:30 PM Why are we so easily deceived into thinking that bigger is … Continue reading

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Death sentencing.

Last night we watched the Green Mile, which starred Tom Hanks. I’m not particularly wanting to talk about the movie and its supernatural aspects; rather I want to talk about the Death Penalty in general. This afternoon I watched Foreign … Continue reading

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Upwards, inwards and outwards.

I had the pleasure to meet Dudley Ford many years ago, who had been invited to lead our church retreat. Dudley is a Sydney Anglican Minister, While I don’t remember all he spoke about that weekend – I do remember a … Continue reading

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