Medical Stickybeak update. …….

I had an interesting time at the specialists this morning. Present were two other 3rd year medical students – who were embarking on their 3 years practical internship… I quoted to them some advice that was given from a friend who is in a spinal ward

…about how medical staff should lie to patients – when they are faced with doing something to them for the first time – instead of telling the patient they are the first lab rat to practice on…they should say  that they are skilled practitioners of what they are about to do… Yes I know it raises some interesting discussions about ethics…

It was a fascinating visit. The scans were explained and the various parts of the brain and spine were pointed out. And together we scanned the films and couldn’t find the lesions that the radiologist had mentioned in the report…they just were not there… I joked around about how there must have been an insect on the ‘light box’ when they reviewed them the first time.

We then discussed the disc bulges and impinged nerve in the neck and degeneration in the lumber area… and I will be asking for prayer this Sunday for healing of such.

And of course – we did the standard party trick for the interns….of doing repetitive left hand movements – which causes the right hand / arm to shake. In lay terms its a bit like throwing a stone into a pond and making ripples. So another referral to another neurologist to check this one out. He specialises in the weird and wonderful…which is the category I fall into Winking smile 

Anyways… Life is good, life goes on… and its not preventing me from doing what God has called me to do.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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