A few rambling thoughts about Wisdom Literature

I have been working through C.Hassell. Bullock “Ecclesiastes,” in An Introduction to the Old Testament Poetic Books, revised and expanded (Chicago: Moody Press, 1988)190 ..for my exegesis assignment.

He makes an interesting point that the Wisdom books may be considered as being “Revealed religion that has been lived in.”

While the context of this argument is to do with Ecclesiastes – it certainly throws some light onto what we have been working through within the book of Proverbs…The pathways of Wisdom / Folly have been observed and lived and the consequences of both wisdom / folly, likewise have been observed and lived…hence the ability to know what is wise and what is not and Proverbs finally concludes with a final victory in what wise living truly looks like.

In a way it reflects our own struggles and the encouragements we are given to overcome the sins in our own life. We too live within the tension of looking forward to perfection…(which is a reflection of the conclusion of Proverbs)while looking back and learning from our personal and observed experience.
Yet within the context of Christian living – it is God’s wisdom in that we are perfected in Christ…and its through his blood that our every sin is covered and no longer counted towards us…and so its God’s ways and His wisdom that overcomes.

Just a few thoughts…


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I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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