Philosophy of ministry.

T.C.R posted an article on his being asked a question at a training day regarding the size of his church. It’s led to an interesting discussion that is worthwhile reading.

I commented at the time

Ministry is always to the one! Never to a crowd. Crowd mentality dehumanises identity and purpose of the one.

Years ago I felt impressed by the Lord to always minister to the individual and not to a crowd…and so I take this mindset with me, where ever I go…even if I have had the honour of preaching / talking to a large number of individuals at one time…

I was churning this over some more today and when I arrived home I commented again, saying

I just had a thought about the question…and the answer should be – It’s huge!

It’s not really our church! It’s God’s church and so technically the church we belong to, encompasses all the saints who are dead, living and yet to live … The church God has called me to is huge! :)


I think it is important for every one to have a personal philosophy of ministry…and certainly mine is constantly in revision and refinement. Do you have a personal philosophy of ministry and if so…what is it?


About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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