Disasters on a global scale.

The recent disasters in Australia, New Zealand and now Japan – clearly shows how fragile humanity really is…Yet it is also in the face of disaster that we see humanity at its best. Ethnicity is forgotten as hands, thoughts and prayers reach across our global village…while there is much work to be done…lets start with prayer.


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I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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5 Responses to Disasters on a global scale.

  1. tildeb says:


    From A.C. Grayling:

    For if he is not competent to stop an earthquake or save its victims, he is definitely not competent to create a world. And if he is powerful enough to do both, but created a dangerous world that inflicts violent and agonizing sufferings arbitrarily on sentient creatures, then he is vile. Either way, what are people thinking who believe in such a being, and who go to church to praise and worship it? How, in the face of events which human kindness and concern registers as tragic and in need of help – help which human beings proceed to give to their fellows: no angels appear from the sky to do it – can they believe such an incoherent fiction as the idea of a deity?

    • Craig Benno says:

      The Psalms are full of questions and laments such as you have presented here Tildeb.

      Grayling’s position takes no account as to human responsibility…nor does he take into any account the position of Old Earth creationism… One old timer once said to me – that he was against all the oil being taken out of the earth as he thought it was the oil that lubricated and buffeted the plates.. I am no expert – there could be truths there.
      In respect to human responsibility – there is a sense that we are responsible for building in earthquake and volcanic prone areas. Take known the fault line which I think it is San Francisco is built on… who is ultimately responsible if the plates grind and an earthquake shakes such a city…

      Within the Christian framework of understanding Scripture… it doesn’t say nothing bad will ever happen to us..but if it does – we can expect God to help us through it. Ultimately more people have and still do die today from the hands of other humans than what they have through natural disasters…and yet again through the Christian understanding of Scriptures – we have a clear ethical frame work in how to treat each other with dignity and respect. ..

      • tildeb says:

        Come on, Craig. Think. Blaming the victim – as you should be painfully aware – is contemptible. Were the thousands of children and hundreds of babies maimed, disfigured, orphaned, and killed really responsible for their suffering? I can’t believe you would throw this idea out here as if it had any moral merit for our consideration. The suffering of cats and dogs and farm animals? They deserve this suffering? The decent into homelessness and poverty for hundreds of thousands of people ‘lucky’ enough to survive only to have to face the illnesses from contaminated water and sanitation problems from damaged infrastructure? This is the fault of people?


        The blame you attempt to put on the backs of ordinary people just minding their own business trying to live in a harsh and uncompromising world mitigated only by human ingenuity and co-operation is entirely misplaced as a very poor excuse for your god’s evident immorality.

        No matter where you live, natural disaster and disease is always an ever-present threat. That’s just the way world IS. If someone wishes to claim it to be designed this way, then Grayling’s criticism is exactly right. The pious perplexingly fail to realize the absurdity of their non rational beliefs.

        The thoughts about oil is just downright ludicrous with even a bit of thought: where does our oil come from and where does tectonic activity occur and how are the two related? They’re not. At all. Even an elementary level of basic geological understanding reveals how and why this suggestion is absurd and must based on no knowledge whatsoever (the proper term for this is ‘ignorance’ meaning no knowledge).

        As for god helping us through it… that idea is almost obscene, like the rape victim paying homage to her attacker and assuring everyone to have faith that he is the one who will always be ready to help. And why should god help if his designed world with a designed purposed to give our lives a designed meaning is the root cause of tragic human suffering? More importantly, why should the pious who attempt to argue that it’s a greater good to have such massive suffering? The morality being put forth by those who trust in god the designer is simply incoherent.

      • Craig Benno says:

        Tildeb – why is the oil issue dumb. Have you ever looked at a global map of oil fields and then superimposed a global map of the tectonic plates over it…. do so.

        In my previous comment – in no way was I blaming the victim. I was blaming humanity in general. If a volcano erupts we decry God for causing it… yet within a scientific reason there are reasons for volcanoes to erupt and its plain stupid to build vast populations around an active volcano. If someone gets drunk and kills someone we decry God for it… As for homelessness – I have experienced the pain of it… it wasn’t Gods fault for that either…
        If someone spreads a sexual disease– its not God’s fault…the blame is a human one. The same is said for nuclear reactor meltdown and if ever San Fransico goes down with an earthquake.. why blame God for it… it was humanity who knowingly built it on a fault line.

        Yes natural disasters are always a danger; but the loss of lives can be mitigated… here in Australia a number of years ago we had many lose their lives through bushfires. Yet the disaster could have been averted if common sense clearing and burn off practices had been implemented. In fact in one area – the only home to remain standing was owned by someone who had been taken to court for illegally selectively clearing trees around his home and fined a huge amount….the same happens to those who build in flood prone areas.. why God why did this happen…

      • tildeb says:

        Just quickly, I’ll mention that many moons ago I trained as a hydrologist, which necessarily involves a great deal of knowledge about geology. You’ll notice that gas and oil extraction rarely occurs in mountainous and geologically unstable areas. Clearly, the major deposits are in the great plains of the world – some of the most stable geological areas we have on this planet (Okay, shields are even better, I’ll freely admit, but the bugs and inhospitable local climates are always a problem for people!) . Because the earth’s surface is made up of plates of crust that move, oil deposits at these colliding and spreading edges are not suitable for extraction (or even locating for that matter). To suggest that extraction from the middle causes this movement is to fundamentally misunderstand why the plates are moving at all (when all is said and done, we’re really looking at planetary thermodynamics). It’s like taking a sip of water from a glass at your kitchen table and assuming it has something to do with a barn burning down at the edge of town. The mechanism to link one action as causing this effect on the other is just not there.

        Now this is important: notice that when I mention specifics about human suffering, you retreat into generalities. As a pastor you will have to face these specifics about human suffering and a retreat into some generality about humanity deserving whatever fates befall individuals just won’t wash.

        Populations settle where they do for very good reasons. Try telling people not to settle near a dormant volcano where the fishing is great, the climate is gentle, fresh water is plentiful, water navigation and harbours are immediate, and nearby natural resources provide easy access to fuel and building materials. If you are going to blame people for settling here, then you should be consistent and blame god for making it so convenient.

        It’s not humanity that has suffered and died in the tens of thousands lately: it is specific people including specific children who had no choice in the matter. These individuals suffered because the earth convulsed, and the earth convulsed because of mindless unguided physical processes that are ongoing. If you are going to assert that this earth was designed for these individuals, that these processes were designed by some creator, then you also must allow this designer responsibility for causing so much suffering. You cannot maintain intellectual integrity and claim belief in the former while excusing and shifting blame for the latter. As for mitigating this suffering, once again it falls squarely on the shoulders of people to figure out how we can best do this, which is why the people of Sendai undergo first aid and medical training, earthquake preparedness courses, and their infrastructure is designed to withstand earthquakes that would bring down most other cities of the world. What wasn’t done was to protect the backup generators from the Fukushima power plant from a tsunami with only a few minute in which to react. But note that god and his cohort of angels are not exactly rushing in to help put things back to right, either. I wonder why that is?

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