The Gospel story is deeply personal.

The Gospel story is deeply personal. Its about the relationship of God and humanity. Not just humanity though; for the use of the term “humanity” can conjure sweeping thoughts of an ocean of humanity in a depersonalised way. Rather the use of “Humanity” means every person who has been born, is living and is yet to live is known by God. The Gospel of Christ becomes deeply personal once we realise that not only does God know us; God wants us to know him. 

Some theological systems deny that the offer of a personal relationship with God through Christ is to every individual. Instead they interpret words like “world” to mean representatives of every people group.

Yet the freedom we have in Christ is that of a deeply personal relationship with him. For in Christ there is no Jew or Gentile… if salvation was only offered to a representative of every people group; the Gospel would not be making an in distinction between people groups.

If indeed God was going to call a representative from each people group to be saved; that would mean that those representatives are not being called to account for their own sins; rather God is calling them to account for the peoples sins whom they represent…for after all within this construct of thought the logical consequence is that Christ died for the general sins of each people group and not the personal sins of the individuals within those groups.

However; this is not the case, nor is this taught by those caught up within this reformed mindset. Instead its deeply taught that each is held responsible for their own sins and because each is accountable for their own sins; God will judge every person for their own sins.  Judgement day is deeply personal. Its a day where we will each give a personal account for ourselves…

Therefore if judgement day is deeply personal; so is the offer of salvation a deeply personal offer and just as all will face judgement; all are freely offered the gift of salvation… and not just some representatives from each people group.


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I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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