Open Lecture: The nature of pain–Dr Shane Clifton.

I have just received notification that Dr Shane Clifton is giving a lecture on the Nature of Pain. I have written about the issue of pain and trials a number of times and shared about Shane a couple of times here, here and here.

On Tuesday 8th March, Dr Shane Clifton will be lecturing in the ‘Understanding the Faith/ Theological Horizons of Worldview’ class at both Chester Hill & Baulkham Hills campuses. The topic of the lecture is: ‘The Problem of Pain’. Due to the interest in Shane’s delivery of this lecture, we have decided to open the lecture to make it available for other students and friends. So all are invited (if you don’t have another class scheduled at that time!) to attend and hear Shane.

Chester Hill campus: 9am- 1pm. Room: 6

Baulkham Hills campus: 2pm – 5pm (though please note that the start time may be delayed if the logistics of Shane travelling from Chester Hill to Baulkham Hills prove difficult). Room: tba

Unfortunately I have a class on the morning of this lecture and won’t be able to attend it. Though I am tempted to skip class to attend this one Smile …Wisdom dictates that it wouldn’t be wise to do so.  Pun fully intended as I am studying Wisdom Literature…

Hopefully the lecture will be recorded and made available for any students who are not able to attend.

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I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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