Woman caught in adultery…

There is a controversial passage in John where a woman who had been caught in adultery was brought to Jesus by the Pharisees to see what he would do about it. Scripture doesn’t say what Jesus said; only that he bent over and wrote in the sand. This caused the woman’s accusers to leave one by one until there was no one left there to accuse her. Jesus told her that just as no one was there to accuse her; neither was he and therefore you can go and sin no more… this also raised the question of justice in how can only one person be caught in the act….

It’s controversial because some ancient manuscripts don’t have this passage in it. There are various theories as to why and if it was originally there and later deleted; or if it was added at a later date.

I recently discovered this blog called pericope de adultera.  This blog has its theme that this passage was written into the original by John and no matter your position on the subject; it is a great resource. The author made a post on the basis of a comment I made on the Parchment and Pen blog in regards to my understanding of the passage about divorce in Luke 16:18 and says.

This is an interesting connection that Craig has made to the surrounding context, which may in fact be an additional layer of meaning to Jesus’ parable.    If so, and if the reference was meant to be taken this way by the Pharisees themselves, then this realization may be a factor in the behaviour of the Pharisee party later when confronted with the accusation of ‘adultery’ during the Woman Taken in Adultery incident.

Mr.scrivener has used my proposal and linked it to the idea that it could have some merit as to what it was that Jesus wrote in the sand that day.

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