To whom do you look at?

I was talking to a friend the other night about the his feeling of lack of inadequacy in regards to a potential ministry position. Much of his feelings stemmed from his thoughts of not being good enough.

A thought came to mind and to be truthful I’m not sure if I read it sometime ago in the past and have forgotten who wrote it; or it was a fresh idea of mine. But what I said to my friend was this.

Satan has two tricks up his sleeve to deceive us in regards to ministry. The first one is of being prideful in that we are God’s man for the job. The second is that there is no way we are and can be good enough to do that job.

The problem with both of these positions is that we are looking at ourselves and not towards God…When we look to Christ: we will be obedient to his calling and know that its his choice and not ours as to where he positions us. It will be his choice and not ours as to how he equips, anoints and appoints us. And its his business whether in the future we will succeed or fail. What is our business and concern is that we will follow him and go where he sends and opens the door for us.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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