Is the vocation of Pastor in tatters?

Mark Stevens is a Church of Christ pastor in South Australia and team member of the New Emmaus Blog. He has just received and is reading Eugene Peterson’s memoirs and posts the following excerpt.

North American culture does not offer congenial conditions in which to live vocationally as a pastor.  Men and women who are pastors in America today find that they have entered into a way of life that is in ruins. The vocation of pastor has been replaced by the strategies  of religious entrepreneurs with business plans…I wanted my life both my personal life and my working life to be shaped by God and the Scriptures and prayer. [2011, p.4]

I also have a beef with the current leadership movement and was having a conversation with a fellow student yesterday about my passion for the return of the pastoral office. He told me that he was upset when doing a leadership course because the text book was a secular book and from that they learnt how to lead a church. … He was passionately disgusted  in his telling me this story.

I have to say that I have seen and experienced great pastoring and really poor pastoring…and the poor pastoring had the emphasis on leadership…What do you think; is the pastoral office in tatters? And can we also replace North American Culture with Australian Culture…

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2 Responses to Is the vocation of Pastor in tatters?

  1. I don’t know if it is in tatters but many folks have different ways of looking at it. I am concerned though that all the emphasis on leadership and such could be discouraging to those pastors who may fulfill their vocations in other faithful ways.

    • Craig Benno says:

      That’s a good point Brian.
      The question then becomes a modern cultural practice tensioned against a traditional understanding. I noticed yesterday a large Sydney Church has advertised for a position of a Care and Connect Pastor…one who will oversee and co-ordinate the pastoral care for the church family. I see a resemblance to this and how the Apostles delegated and appointed deacons to serve in the book of Acts.

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