Back to the books! – Wisdom Literature

I have had a somewhat eclectic few months of blogging while enjoying the summer break from study. Before then I had a regular blogging theme on the Minor Prophets, a subject that I really enjoyed.  Today marks the return to college; in which I am studying the “Wisdom Literature”

Having experienced a crisis of faith over the last few years and come out of it with a stronger focus on the centrality of the cross; I look forward to engaging with the book of Job in class, who along with King David was a friend of mine during this time of crisis.

Our main text book for the semester will be Murphy, R.E. The Tree of Life: An Exploration of Biblical Wisdom Literature. 3rd. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2002, which I hope to purchase sometime during the next fortnight.

A couple of quick notes about why we should study the Wisdom literature.

  1. The poetical books find us where we live.
  2. They engage us in a holistic way.
  3. It can be a starting point for engaging with our world and non-believers.
  4. It’s my belief that the wisdom books are among the most wrongly interpreted and applied scriptures within the modern church culture for today and those excesses need correction.

During the lecture, one potential research issue came to mind which I raised; though I had to leave early before we could unpack it more was in regards to Proverbs. There is very little reference to God; which is easily explained in that they are a explanation of how to live within a theocratic society.

The point I was thinking is if the final form of Proverbs came out of the “Exilic Period” and was a way for the Hebrew people to live within the frame work of their law; whilst having to live under the greater umbrella of the Babylonian law. This raises some more points about how it seems within the OT there is a reflection of 2 Exiles…and just as Solomon is credited as being the wisest man on earth… Daniel within the exilic period is also credited as being among the wisest of the young men in Babylon…and therefore is there a possibility of Daniels influence on the final redacted state within the book of Proverbs.

Arhhhhh the joys of more thinking and research!

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