Great time of Celebration.

In January I posted about an upcoming month of celebration of a Inter life church in Ingleburn. We were intending to visit next Sunday; but my wife was asked to lead worship at church and so I went along last Sunday.

It was so good to catch up with old friends. They are truly a multicultural church. Jun preached from the first book of Thessalonians about Thankfulness. Together he and his wife Cherry stood up and did an amazing thing; something that I have never seen done at church before. They each spoke a direct word of thanks towards every individual member of the congregation and thanked them specifically for their lives, gifting’s, calling’s and service in the church.

It was amazing to see the individuals and thus congregation stand up tall as the encouraging words were spoken over the life of the congregation. The music was amazing and the welcome was terrific and the lunch that followed made it even better.

It was good to stand in the midst of their fellowship and witness the fruit of Gods faithfulness in their lives. We first met at college in 2006. The college had called a time of fasting. At the time I had felt God call me to plant a church in Tahmoor and had just prayed about it with a friend about needing a team to be involved with it… a few minutes later I was in the library and Cherry asked me; “What did I think God had called me to do” And so I told her that I felt I had been called to plant a church. I asked her the same question to which she replied… We also feel called to plant a church. Cherry said the most amazing thing when I asked her “Where?” which also made me laugh so hard. Her reply was Tahmoor.

Tahmoor was the place I was living at the time and was the place I felt called to plant a church also…we both laughed and I was told that her church had been talking and praying about planting a church there over the previous 12 months. It was shortly after this that we moved from the church we had fellowshipped at to fellowship with this church.

While the church plant at Tahmoor never did eventuate because of various circumstances; it was great to see the fruit of  my friends stepping out and doing what they felt God had called them to do.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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