Continual prayer can seem like its an unfair fight at times.

Christians know that prayer is our weapon of choice in the fight for life. Yet sometimes the experience of life can wear us down. It can seem that God is ignoring our prayers. We pray for the sick and nothing happens. We pray for provision and we still go hungry. We pray for finances and  nothing happens; though I did have a real miracle involving finances yesterday which I will post next.

I have a number of friends who are going through life changing challenges through accidents and illness. I myself have faced my own challenges over the last 3 years also and at times you ask.. “God are you really there, are you really hearing and answering my prayers”

Many people; perhaps thousands are praying for Shane Clifton who I have written about before. He has a spinal injury that was caused by a pushbike accident in a church car park. He faces a life in a wheel chair unless the Lord intervenes. The last I heard is that he had spent 10 days in bed because of bed sores and when finally allowed to sit up; he felt faint and had to go back to bed.

Dave Black in writing about praying for his wife who is suffering cancer writes

I know you have prayed for Becky Lynn. But today I’m asking you, imploring you even, to persist with me in prayer on her behalf. If I may be so bold as to say it, let’s wear God down with our prayers.

“Keep on asking,” Jesus said, “and it will be given you.”

Without our God intervening through a miracle whether through the surgeons or otherwise; she most likely only has a few months to live.

There is a narrative story in Acts which gives me encouragement, builds up my hope and spurs me on to keep praying; in those times when I feel there is no hope, in the times that I don’t believe God is hearing my prayers.

And that story is when Peter has been locked up in jail. The church is praying for him and Peter has a remarkable experience where a angel comes and leads him out of jail… He eventually arrives at the house where people are praying for him; the woman who answers the door nearly craps herself thinking she is seeing a ghost and no one believes that it is Peter at the door…

…here we see a perfect example of God intervening in the face of hopelessness. And dare I say it; God still answering prayers even when those praying don’t believe any good can come from it.

For my friends and families who are going through life changing challenges I pray for you. I pray that the Lord will continue to sustain you in prayer and that the Holy Spirit will inspire and pray likewise through you. For Shane I pray for your circulation to increase, that your skin will knit together and that you will continue to be able to do more every day than what you were able to do the day before and that your spine, nerves and other connections will reconnect.

For Dave and Becky. I pray for God to guide the surgeons hands and that God will work through, in and over the radiation knife. I pray that if any curse has been spoken over Becky that the lord will lift that off you. May the Spirit of life continue to flow through you, well up within you and cover over you and bring healing that will bring about many future years of fruitful and effective ministry.

God; hear our prayers…. in Jesus name I scream…

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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