3 stories of miracles for finances……

It was my weekend to have the boys and it has been hot. At one time the thermomotor hit over 40 degrees Celsius.  We went to the local pool on Saturday afternoon; which was a great place to cool off. There is a large indoor pool in an air-conditioned environment and the water is cold….

Unfortunately my finances for the weekend were very tight. I had to do some repairs on my car during the week and then register it, the process which left the kitty bare. Yesterday afternoon (Sunday) I said to the boys lets go and get a slurpee. Which is a frozen soft drink and something which has become a regular tradition when we are together. The problem was that I only had $10 dollars in my wallet and the boys wanted the largest drink there was… and so to do this I decided to go without.

I had looked through my wallet a number of times and through the house for some extra coins to no avail…. yet.. when I got to the 7 Eleven and opened my wallet to pay for the drinks….there shining before my eyes were 2 extra $2 dollar coins. This was a miracle. I had emptied my wallet on the kitchen table before we left; taking out all the receipts and other papers in the hope of finding some hidden coins and yet all I had was two five dollar notes…

This is the third time I have experienced God do such a miracle.

The first time was in 1998, I had felt called to go to Bible college and was praying and looking into which one to go to… I was going to a conference at a church in Sydney; one I had never been to before…And was standing before a chip machine wanting to get a pkt of Twisties. I had a $50 note and a few coins and was short 2o cents for what I needed to get the pkt I wanted.

I heard a voice as clear as someone standing behind me saying; put your money in and I will provide for you. I thought great; now I am going nuts when I saw no one was there. I put my money in; and off course nothing happened for I was short 2o cents. .. and on hitting the reject button; the money shot out of the machine and landed in a small drain in front of the chip machine… I lifted the drain grate to retrieve my coins and found two extra 10 cent pieces there… which enabled me to get the pkt of Twisties… as I was munching on them; I heard this same voice say; Where you are going tonight is the Bible College I want you to go to, and just as I have provided this packet of chips for you; I will provide all you need for you and your family.

The second story to be continued…….


About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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One Response to 3 stories of miracles for finances……

  1. Tim Aldred says:

    This is the third time I have experienced God do such a miracle.

    I think God is very cheap if that was all he could afford to give you, being that you needed a lot of cash to take care of.

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