Interesting free online Greek tutorial–Gordon College Faculty

For those who are interested in learning Greek or maintaining / expanding their present knowledge of Greek; this site is for you. The Gordon College Faculty offers a full online Greek Course.

My readers will know that this is a subject that I have been attempting to learn for some time now. Slowly I am starting to get my mind around it and starting to remember the various structures. I have found that reading a number of Grammar’s has been helpful in doing this.

The three I am using so far is;

  1. Basic’s Biblical Greek 2nd edition; Bill Mounce
  2. How to Read New Testament Greek; Dave Black
  3. Elements of New Testament Greek; J.W. Wenham

I started with Mounce’s which was the required workbook at college; Wenham is an older grammar which was given to me and I recently purchased Blacks. I have found that they all have strengths that the other’s don’t. J.W. Wenham’s strength is in regards to its attention to English Grammar. Both Black and Mounce compliment each other in giving a different perspective to the same element; which I have found helpful.

I now have a 4th addition to add to my armoury. Have a look and tell me what you think.


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