In Jesus name….

I have observed an interesting phenomenon within Christian circles regarding the practice of prayer and how the words “…in Jesus name we pray!” must be included in the prayer to be valid. It seems that unless we add this words, God will not hear our prayer…

I argue that this stems out of superstitious tradition and a wrong reading / interpretation of Scripture and that the inclusion of this term is in reality some kind of Christianise talisman. After all, when Jesus taught his disciple to pray what we call the Lord’s prayer; he didn’t include.. in Jesus name

Rather its my contention that what ever we do; thoughts, words, deeds are done in Jesus name….for we belong to Christ and are his representatives. For the disciple of Christ; there is no time where we stand outside of Christ. We bear his name and are marked for life. And therefore our prayer life comes out of this very relationship that we have with God through and in Christ.

Therefore when ever I talk to God, sing to God, complain to God; I am doing this in Jesus name. The same happens in my day to day interactions at work, home, social etc… what ever I do and say are done in Jesus name.

Don’t get me wrong. I like saying “..In Jesus name I pray” for it reminds me of my stance before God, it causes me to “Selah” stop, pause, reflect… yet shouldn’t this be our response for all we do?

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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1 Response to In Jesus name….

  1. I think we should not make our prayer like a script that there is a guideline on what we have to say. I think what the Lord wants is a sincere prayer that comes from our hearts as if we are talking to a friend who listens and not condemns.
    Kenneth Copeland

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