Ethics and insurance doctors.

Yesterday I had to go for a specialists visit. This visit was organised by a company in which I have a superannuation policy and was in regards to my accessing my super early. The amount I have to access is not large; though certainly will be handy at the moment for a variety of reasons.

This specialist is one of Sydney’s top notch neurologists and he gave me a thorough going over and even listened to the pulse in my eyeballs; which is something I have not had done in the past.

Because of the nature of the arrangement; it is policy that any visit to the doctors and specialists at this clinic are supposed to be totally independent and neutral in their reporting. Because of this, they are restricted from making any comments, diagnosis and or offer any advice or referrals to myself about current and future treatment. Their job is to tell the company involved if they believe I or any one else sent to them have what has been diagnosed.

This led me to consider the ethical situation. What happens if the specialist in his check up senses or see’s something that the current treating doctors have missed; and if left unchecked can or could lead to serious consequences. Or they may know someone who specialises in this area and could help with a referral? Or finds something that is totally unrelated to the incident involved. Take for example a workers compensation case for a back or shoulder injury. What happens if in his check up the doctor finds the person involves has a heart complaint?

Anyway…I am venting a little. I felt good to have such a good and thorough check up; even though the trip into the city and back again was tiring…what was frustrating is that I was not allowed to ask him any questions and nor was he allowed to answer them about this illness.


About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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