Homelessness in the wake of natural disaster’s

Australia has reeled during the last couple years with the magnitude of disaster; resulting in the loss of property and lives. This loss has a deep impact on the personal identity of individuals; families, communities and the nation as a whole.

There is an English saying;  A mans home is his castle. We picture a castle as being an immoveable and impenetrable fortress. In general we consider our homes as being a place of refuge, a place of hope and a place of safety.

We saw the resilience of our People as they valiantly tried to prepare and safe guard their homes and fight off the enemy. Communities worked side by side; filling sandbags, moving furniture.

Others were not so lucky. They had no time to prepare. Some lost their lives. The resources of our emergency services were stretched in rescuing many from their roof tops. And there is trauma within this nation as we watched helplessly as many of our nation’s homes were invaded by this never ending rising tide of water.

A friend is suffering from the grief and trauma of having her home flooded contacted me this morning asking me to pray for Queensland. She said she believed many of the state’s homeless people will have lost their lives and perhaps their loss will not even be noticed in official figures.

This very day; there are hundreds of thousands of ordinary every day Australians who are homeless. For some their homes have been totally destroyed. They have lost every thing they had. For them it will be days, weeks, months and for some years before they will be able to rebuild and repair their homes… and so we see a vast number of people facing homelessness and the trauma of the personal knowledge that their homes in reality are not their castle.

My friend asked me to pray. She asked me if I could ask and organise others to pray. I have to say that I truly struggle with the knowledge of how to pray in the face of this disaster. Yet I also know that I have a responsibility to pray and ask others to join in with me.

Father God; I pray that you will strengthen and bring comfort those in need this morning. May you cover all who are suffering loss, trauma and grief with a blanket of peace. May you flow through them and bring about a measure of strength and resilience for the hours, days, months and even years ahead. May there be enough provision of food, shelter and clothing for all who need it. May all find a listening ear when they need it.

I ask Father God that you will protect and keep our people safe from sickness caused by water contamination, mosquito viruses and injury from the debris.

I pray for our emergency personal, our governments and crisis response teams that they will have wisdom to know what to do; the resources to do what is needed to be done and the resilience to do it.

Father God; have mercy I ask in Jesus name, I pray.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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