A belief system in transit…..


T.C from New Leaven followed by Nick Norrelli from Rightly Dividing The Word Of Truth in the same theme have posted regarding their theological convictions and journey. It’s something I have been thinking about a lot lately; so here goes.

I become a believer through the ministry of a Sydney Anglican church;  charismatic and in 1997 and onwards encountered the infilling / baptism of the Holy Spirit in a number of miraculous circumstances.

  • Initially I saw and personally experienced many miracles, which included provisions, healings, deliverance from evil spirits, prophecy and guidance and thought this is the norm; I still believe that God heals and does the miraculous; I am no longer convinced that it happens at our beck and call…. and at times God does say no!
  • Like Nick Norrelli, I don’t believe completely in the doctrine of an Inerrant Bible….though I believe all Scripture is God breathed and useful; I believe that often what we think the Bible is saying; isn’t what the authors intended and so we are inerrant in our interpretation.
  • I’m increasingly sceptical about the prophetic movement within Pentecostalism and Charismatic circles. I truly believe in the gift of the prophetic and that it is a gift for today. I  have also received a number of words which have deeply encouraged me, and believe completely that they were God sent.  I also see and hear much which produces legalism; fear and judgment..not grace and mercy and the love of Christ.
  • The largest area of change is that I no longer believe in trying to make any country a Christian nation…This clearly is not the mandate and purpose of the Gospel and I ignore all talk which is to that effect.
  • I have moved from being legalistic about a 10% tithe; to believing that the tithe as it is generally taught is not a Biblical doctrine at all and that we have personal freedom to be as generous as we feel moved.
  • I have moved away from and dislike with a passion the current Leadership trend and hope to see the reinstatement and passion for the office and skills of pastoring once again.
  • Within the Pentecostal context I am comfortable with academia and want to see more of Pentecostalism embrace the need for better scholarship / teaching and in doing so see the bar raised for credentialing and better handling of Scripture.
  • Finally I have come to learn that crap happens. It can happen to anyone of us…. the Gospel message is one of love and grace. God is for and not against us… and so the church needs to learn not to shoot and shun those who find they have stepped into a pit of crap… rather to walk the journey with those people in the ways of Jesus bring restoration, hope and renewal of life.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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